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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Just in case you were worried

I am told (as I could neither confirm nor deny such info that could be NDA to someone)

That some OS's next version of their disk utility will not merely be able to erase your disk but also write out zeros to it.

Oh, but most do that, I hear you say.

But this one I'm told will actually go back and do it 7 times over and even 30 times over. Just in the absolutely paranoid case you perceived that someone might be able to detect the aura of your erased data.

So many zeros... Like pieces of popcorn dropped on the floor of a theatre.

I feel secure now :)

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What I think you're looking for is a MIL-STD data remenance eraser... something that complies with AFSSI 5020 or some number like that. Multiple pases with varying bit sequences, and all that rot.

I know Norton Utilities used to have a diskwipe utility to do this. So, the OS is likely doing this to meet govt. requirements.

Almost Completely Unrelated...

Did you know that MacBeth is playing at the Knightsbridge Theatre this weekend and I am making plans to attend on Saturday night.

You up for the Scottish Play, my friend?

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