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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Toy!!! When was your name a popular baby-name?


Live graph of name popularity. Fun.

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They have Joyce...close but no cigar. Wendy was 1960s, my sister born in 1970. Funny, my father was always behind the times.

Very cool. It's also interesting to see trends wax and wane. Check out how the popularity of "Adolph" makes this sudden drop in the 1940s...

heh. my name isn't on there ;) Alyson and Alyssa are, but not Alys :P

Neither is my daughter's and my sons name only came into the popularity to register on the chart in the last couple of years. Interesting.. ;-) Oddly enough right when my parents named me Andrea alot of other parents found it an interesting name too. (Usually my parents aren't quite that conformist) Then again I don't know what to call my parents.

I like the chart.. I guess Megan (the way it was spelled when i was born) was #14 in the 80's... when I was born.. Never have credited my mom w/ originality.. but that's ok.. cuz I changed it!

Yeah. The graph of my name is very, very annoying. It's gone from distinctive, when I was born, to a ranking of nearly 0.2% of all names given. It actually shows up (with text) on the "B" chart.

Not as bad as something like Ethan, though, which has gone from almost nothing to close to 0.6%.

What a fun toy though -- great to watch the stats jump and scale, and it's very easy to see all sorts of fascinating trends. This toy should be required for any parents wanting to avoid trendiness in names.

wow! my civil name was #8 in the 1900's!

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