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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

Oh that's right, I haven't had my drugs this morning...

Taking a meme I was asked to write down the names of the first four songs that came to mind.

This was weird it was like a voice almost called them off 1,2,3,4 or they started playing in my head.

Now, I was a professional DJ and this shouldn't bother me but this is what popped into my head over a period of about 8 seconds.
Love Will Save the World
Almost Paradise
We Built this City
Theme from New Zoo Review

The first song, I am not sure I even know. The second... really not one of my favourites. Third, sure...despite the ranking as the all time worst song... okay guilty.. I actually like it. But that 4th one?!?!? As much as a 70s tv fan that I am... I don't think the words "New Zoo Review" have even cycled across a synapse in about 8-10 years.

Sometimes I really don't get my own brain.

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Thanks. Now you've got it stuck in /my/ head.

My experience with trying this was interesting enough to merit its own entry.

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