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No really, she got me so wet on the bus....

I can tell already that it's going to be a weird day. I'm not sure just why yet... But I know that I can. I just shifted my weight on the bus in a strange way to cross one leg so that I would have a platform to type on.

I am now about 30 hours from leaving for North Carolina. I will be seeing Ari (a good thing) and attending a week long seminar on programming in Cocoa from Aaron Hillegass (also a good thing) I promptly fly back for a busy weekend. So pretty much 10 days straight. Woo!

I have also now fixed IM to my cell phone. Funny, I've gone out of my way to be so unreachable by people and now it's almost to the point that there are people 3000 miles away who should be able to reach me 24-7 with multimedia access if they want. (And in H.S. they said I was likely to be first in line for an implant ;)

My latest discovery is something that of course only my twisted mind would come up with. They say, that you can get a close estimate of the temperature in the evening by counting the number of times a cricket chirps over a certain period of time.

I'm making a similar equation counting the number of sockless/stockingless sandals/clogs/etc I see from the time I get on the bus at home to the time I get off the second bus in Santa Monica. There is an understandable correlation. And it gives me a reason to look. Yes, I guess I'm just broken.

Still need to remember to write my "fb" rant.

The position I'm in on the bus is wickedly uncomfortable as my butt and legs are sitting full forward on the seat with my right leg crossed over the left. The right knee is locked against the back of the seat in front of me. The laptop, however, is pointing to about 10:30 (sayeth the Joy, "No, on a real clock") As a result my upper torso is twisted at about naval level to compensate. It's putting an uncomfortable strain on the left side of my waist.

It's also an odd day because I only got about 4 hrs of sleep but don't feel tired at all. This statement will of course come back to haunt me by 1pm. I was up hooking up my printer and making tape labels for my increasingly unlabelled tape collection. I'm also the office "Buffy Pusher" and due to my recent move, I'm about 4 weeks behind in giving my addicts their fix.

I ask the woman on my right if she needs to get off shortly (the bus, people...keep the minds cleaner than mine, thank you).

(Pause to switch busses)

She was exitting the bus about a stop before me. She checked the time on her was something out of Benny Hill, she turned her wrist and dumped her tea on me. Fortunately the cup was mostly empty and no longer warm. (She must have thought it was empty)

Now I'm kind of zen about these things. I'm wearing a Pennsic t-shirt. Now a word about my tshirt collection. They come from 5 places
SCA 30%
Thelema 10%
Theatre 15%
Computers 40% (about 15% are white)
Connected to ex-gf's 5%

What this translates to is that about 11% of my t-shirts are white with some design, the rest are black with some design. So back to the tea.

Except for a mildly squishy feeling on the right side of my waist.... the day is off and running. Since my cell is now set up for auto login to AIM when I turn it on in the morning, I've already been innondated in conversation :) I don't mind the morning convo...I just need a keyboard for my cell phone.
abC dE jkL jkL ghI M ghI pqrS T pqR ghI abC jK wxY.

I'm hoping to post more over the next few weeks. As I explained earlier in the week there have been some contributing factors that all added up to me not posting. That and being 2 weeks behind on LJ is daunting to say the least. I'm given the the impression the best way to deal is to just ignore and proceed.

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