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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Hitchhiker's Guide... the non-spoilery version

It's actually kinda hard to talk about a film without adding any spoilers. When Star Wars I came out, the person I was dating went thru hell to not have any spoilers. And when the film was promoted that hard, I knew that at some point she'd find out and look at me and say, "Liam Neeson?"

So, let's start off by explaining how I got to that point. Last Saturday we ran into Pasadena to pick up an adapter at the Apple store for the new G5. (yum) A guy was on the street corner passing out Film preview invites. Normally, you blow these off. The guy said it was for HHG2G. I remember responding, "I don't know how emphatically I can say Yes."

We grabbed a few others and I tried calling people to see who could join us this evening. They said we needed to be there by 6:30 which ruled several locals out. I even invited a person or two from SF to take the drive down. So... once you had the magick paper, you had to call a number and RSVP. You read some codes off the invite paper and they told you to write a woman's name on the top corner.

(Fast forward) we got to the theatre about an hour before the hour before they told us to show up. The film was at 7:30, they said be there by 6:30. We got there at 5:30. We walked aroud for about 20 minutes and then went to see the theatre. Damn, I'm glad we got there when we did. At 5:50 we were about 80th in line. After about 15 minutes they collected our yellow sheet. You absolutely couldn't trade in sheets for people that weren't in line. This really sucked because some really good friends were coming at 6:30 like the sheet said. And the way things were lining up... it didn't look good.

At 6:30 they opened the doors. They gave us vouchers for free popcorn and soda. They use metal detectors and searched bags. Cameras were confiscated. Somehow, the gods were merciful and they paid no attention to my SK. Just as we were going into the theatre my friends called. I got the seat. Ran out, (getting my hand stamped) and delivered the invite paper to my friend. Sadly that was the last I saw him. I have a feeling they cut off entry on them. Grymble. (I have since found out that the line was cut off right in front of them and then the bastards let people in from the line behind them. Why I hate corporate suits 103)

Inside we waited while they sat people. At about 7:30 a woman made an announcement. This was one of the first public viewings by an audience. Sound and effects may not be polished. And there'd be a poll afterwards. Then it was movie time.

From a NON SPOILER point of view.

There is good news and bad news. Both are: this movie was made with fans of the book in mind. There are definitely differences and some new material, but in general it's very faithful, not only to the original writing, but to Adams' humour as well.

The reason I say that this is bad news is quite simply because I think Adams humour is going to go right over the average audience member's head. This isn't Galaxy Quest. Those however who love Adams' writing.. they will enjoy it. There is more than one treat for fans. Not only fans of the Book, but fans of the original radio series and the video series.

I will of course post a more spoilery review shortly... But for now.. let me say... I liked it.

I will go back to see it in release. And if it doesn't change much... I'll probably pre-order the DVD now.

Love to all

-A hoopy frood who knows where his towel is.
(His towel is possibly the only autographed towel by Douglas Adams)

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Glad you got to see it, but curses to you for not including ef2p and I in the folks from SF you told about it. ::hugs::

Caught you at bad times or something. But you were on the list ;)

Huh. Well, I didn't see anything mentioning it. Ah well. You may be forgiven. Too bad - ef2p was down there this week, too.

BTW, he's coming down there next week as well. Possibly even the whole Monday through Friday bit.

You know, I've always liked you, always thought you were a pretty decent chap.

However, I'm suddenly overcome with pure hatred of you and a wish to see you come to some kind of harm. It's probably this seething rage of jealousy I'm suffering.

You bastard.


I didn't even know this was in the works! Rock!

FWIW: a lot of Galaxy Quest went over the audience's head too. At least one critic complained at the length of time the movie spent setting up the Questarian convention and con-goers before getting to the adventure story, thus massively missing the point.


I hadn't even heard about this... Thank you sooo much. Any idea when it's out?

(His towel is possibly the only autographed towel by Douglas Adams)

I am so jealous...

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