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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

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Andrei in the office

Jeez Andrei! Post already!!!!

Today I've had no less than 4 people in a period of an hour comment that I've not posted in a while.

To everyone who's asked, i really want to say thank you. It really makes me know how much my friends care and worry when I vanish :)

Let me catch you up on what has been going on.
#1) The deadline
In the world of shrink wrap, commercial software we have this thing called deadlines. Deadlines have this nasty spawning process. To push off a deadline, you basically take the baby deadline and you hit it with a bat until it moves down the calendar. Now the little baby deadline you had doesn't really like this and it gets all mean and lumpy from being hit by a bat. Also like any little creature of creation, it ages and grows in strength.

If you have to postpone it again, you need a bigger bat. And you have to hit it harder. And it gets meaner and nastier and (most importantly) bigger. Eventually, the deadline monster becomes something that does not move, does not give way and is only interested in hitting you back with a mighty steel girder. The only way to vanquish the deadline is to provide it all its requirements...and then it simply goes away. Much like a vampire in the Buffiverse.

So, as commented before, 5 day work weeks became 6 day work weeks. 8 hr days became 10, 12, and 16+ hour work days. Happily. Yesterday we shipped the master disc to the manufacturer. This is no longer a problem

#2) The laptop
I have a small problem with the web interface for LJ. Simply put.... I hate it. I like having a bigger text field that I can author in. Okay, I'm a little spoiled. On my laptop, I have two LJ clients written for Mac OSX. They are awesome. Unfortunately, 2 weeks ago, my laptop broke. See the other problem is that I really only have time to post on the way in from work or on the way home. Sometimes I get a motivation on the late nights when I can't sleep...but other than that.... :-( So... no laptop, no convenient way of posting.

#3) Too much, Not enough
With the work load and moving and everything else mundane on my plate I haven't had the energy to simply gather my thoughts. Also, there haven't been a whole lot of thoughts to gather.

Well, Currently, I am fighting some congestion ooze. I am stuffed up all the way down to my toes. I hope to fight it off by tomorrow as I am off to the East Coast on Friday and would prefer not to be a slobbering mess for Ari. (Well, at least until.....

Ooh! Never you mind! ;)

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Toes... did someone say toes....

I love it when friends spoil me ;)

Oi, and its you who got me started with the evils of LJ.. Did you say you were coming to the East coast?! :)
Love, Tiamat

LJ isn't any more evil than your casual goetic invocati....erm, uh... never mind :)

I will be in Pittsburgh over the weekend of April 20th. I'll have a rental so maybe I can make my way DC for some....

Speaking of toes...

Just make sure you get better before you see me. I don't want no plague.

Yum...a shmorgesboard (SP?)

That's still weeks off :) I plan to be healthy by tomorrow.

Woop. I've been busy lately, but I understand the deadline problem. Rest and enjoy it till the next time.

Hi Marybeth!

Welcome to that strange existance that is LJ :)

hope you feel better...look me up when you have a chance

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