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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Memetime: opening that can of worms...

As if I don't have enough open ended meme's that I need to catch up on (which I am currently reseaching)

From the home office in lunaetstellae comes this mini participatory meme:

Scan my interest list and pick out the one that seems the most odd to you.

I'll explain it.

Then you post this in your journal so other people can ask you about your interests.

Edit: Already answered...
unicursal hexagram
cross stitch
ethical hedonism
Star Ruby

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unicursal hexagram

I've been wondering about this forever. I see it every day, but I have no idea what it is.

A very good question...

The unicursal hexagram is sometimes referred to as the magickan's star.

It is a variation on the traditional 6 pointed star (Also called the star of David). The variation is that it is composed on one line rather than 2 lines making interlocking triangles.

The design is credited to Crowley as a way to symbollize the divine as well as the balance and unity between man and the divine.

The version that I wear as a pendant on my necklace takes the idea even further by placing a 5 pointed star in the center with a single stone in the center.

This is the union of 5 and 6 to make 11 which all unify as the central one. This of course gets into much deeper gematria, kaballah, and occult research. Hopefully that gives you as basic answer of why I list it :)

Re: A very good question...

Oh, ok. I thought it IS the 6 pointed start of David- hence why I said it's something I see everyday. Thank for the info! *runs off to the library to find some books on geometria*

Re: A very good question...

Gematria. Part of kaballism

I reccommend:
"The Chicken Kaballah of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford" by Lon Milo DuQuette.

Amazon link

Re: A very good question...

"British humor" and "tea" . . .
what types you dig and why. .


OK. Explain cross-stitch. Not what it is, but why you do it and what you have done in terms of cross-stitch projects. I've done a fair amount myself, but I really haven't picked it up in at least 10 years (actually, since my mother died), so I'm curious your type of projects, how you select them, and whether doing needlework is a family thing.

I have a bout 10 projects that I have been working on for the better part of about 10 years as well. I've picked them up less and less over the last 5 years, but primarily out of available time.

I started in earnest when I was doing work at South Hills Village in the Pgh area. And we taking the public rail everyday both ways. I've primarily done Theresa Wentzler's stuff. It's complex enough to keep me from getting bored in large areas of tan. While at the same time have often made me want to track the woman down to slap the s&#t out of her.

Zen and creative. A nice diversion. I really should do more. jnanacandra recently put a bee in my bonnet for an embroidery project. :)

I have one project that I did many years ago of the St. Louis Union Station. It was on something like 22- or 24-canvas, and had something like 20 different shades of beige for the brickwork... and I did it on a train going up to Seattle!

Talk about complex!

Someday, you'll have to come over and see our needlework. (how come the word "etchings" just came to mind :-))

Yes, crosstitch is very calming...
BTW, back in November I picked up a chart of a scene of Thoth, amidst columns and against the sun, that looks pretty cool. Very ambitious project....but had to have it, since after all, you just don't see Tahuti in a crosstitch design every day...

Well, I guess that goes onto the stack of stitching projects too...I've got about 8 different ones going, at various stages of completion, too. I also picked up (at Staples or Office Max) one of those $9.99 software programs for crosstitch designing! I was flipping, because I've seen much more expensive software out there, and figured this was worth a try. It has preset design elements, BUT also lets you design and freehand draw! You make up your own charts, complete with thread colors (DMC and other brands) and has a quantity counter so you know how many skeins to buy....that was very cool. So I'm playing with that now, when I have the time. . . but that is the trick, isn't it?


(Deleted comment)

Hmmn, she wants two for the price of one...

So, she wants two rather than one ;) Well I can only aim to please.

Ethical Hedonism is actually kind of ironic. I was searching on LJ for people who might intrigue me. I found one female who had some choice interests listed that appealed to me. Then I saw, "Ethical hedonism." That really caught my eye. I liked it, because it was the glory and self involved pleasure of hedonism, but tempered by ethical behavior. Now, my definition of Ethics and yours may (and probably differ) but none-the-less, calling it ethical hedonism almost refines the behaviour of a hedonistic lifestyle. That appeals to me.

The Star Ruby

The Star Ruby is a dramatic, magickal ritual. It's purpose is for banishing. This is the equivalent of cleaning the table before beginning a project. It's purpose is to say, "I'm about to do serious magickal work. If you don't belong in this room, get out. If you're not in the right head space.. get there."

The Star Ruby itself is an evolution of a more traditional banishing ritual known as the "Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram" or LBRP for short. The LBRP sets the corners (compass points) by drawing on the powers of Archangels. When you're raised Jewish, you don't really have strong affinity for Archangels. The Ruby uses paradigms from Thelemic Philosophy. For me this is easier to identify with.

As a result I like this ritual a lot. I like the symbolism, the way it's put together (though some of the Caldean references seem to be a stretch) I also really like performing this as many locals in the Order can tell you. (It's Ruby Boy!)

For more info on the Star Ruby, feel free to look at this web site As is always the case, I don't recommend taking the analysis as he true meaning because each person should analyze ritual fully for themselves.

Good choices!


I'll go with pineapple bomb...since I remember this from the one Pennsic I went to.(and the fact that you already answered some of the others...)

But I'd think that...

you already know what the pineapple bomb is. The idea was to ask about something you don't know about

Re: But I'd think that...

I rememeber that I liked it...;), not what was in it.

The Star ruby is one of my favorite rituals period. i like to think of it as a magickal neutron bomb.

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