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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

No s*#$ there I was

So, I just got back from a week in Vegas. One day while I was out there, I went to the Gamblers General Store.

This place is amazing if you are so inclined to gambling wares.

I am ringing up at the cash register and I notice the radio playing a song. It sounds vaguely familiar. I lean my head to hear better and by some weird twist of fate I do in fact hear what I am hearing:

"Here we go... Steelers... Here we go.... Pittsburgh's goin' to the Superbowl!"

That's right. On a Las Vegas, NEVADA radio station. They are playing the Pittsburgh Superbowl song.

Tell me Pgh fans don't take the home team pride with 'em ;)

(X-posted to steelers_fans)

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My parents live in Pittsburgh. They were just telling me yesterday that they had gone to see a production of Les Miserables last week and it was spost to start at 8, but "the game" ran late and they didn't start the show until after they knew they had won. Apparantly someone had a radio in the theatre and when the victory was announched the whole audience cheered. And then when they had the conductor stand for his applause, he waved their colors in the air. =)

Well, we don't have a team here of any sort. So that's one explanation. The second explanation is that we are the gambling city and sports bets are not an exception!

Sorry I didn't catch up with you while you were here.

Did you listen to the song that I sent you the link for? Just curious.

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