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Andrei in the office


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So, this warrants a post.

I will eventually get around to catching up on LiveJournal and on posts.

Last week we were in Vegas. We spoiled ourselves. We needed to go somewhere, a cabbie drove us. We needed to eat, a waiter served us.

First day home... and well, no real inclination not to be waited on.

Now, I have to point out, it was the honeymoon. We spent a bit of money. I kept wondering when they were going to come to the conclusion that my debit card had been stolen. But no matter where I used it in Vegas... they let me pull money out of it.

We had an aftenoon of mild sloth. Well, I did run to an Apple store to pick up a connector for the new computer. I also paid some online sites for small services. Well, this evening out of the sloth I went to the local KFC in Lincoln Park.

To give you an idea what Lincoln Park is like, I often expect to see a sign that says:
"¡We Speak English!"

jnanacandra is really feeling kinda under the weather. She allowed me to drag her along but opted to wait in the car for the 2 minutes it would take for me to run in, get some wholesome and nourishing food, and duck out.

Inside I found 2 guys. One had a hawk tattooed on his head around his ear. They were slow to order and I had the urge to type 911 on the phone and hold my finger over the send key. 8 minutes later I placed my order. Well, except for the side order which they didn't have. Or the second side order. Or the fact that the girl at the register wasn't sure how to operate it.

Okay we're up to about 13 minutes elapsed. I give her the debit card.... DECLINED

She asks if I punched in the right code. She asks if I have enough money in the account 2 more declines. I am not a happy camper. I know how much money is in that account... And I can damn well afford not only a KFC dinner for $10 but probably another 5 trips back to Vegas...

She asks if I have another debit card. No, credit cards yes... Cash... crap, no. But that is my debit card. So, now I'm on the phone.

You see, spending cash in Vegas like a sieve... that's okay. But a purchase in Pasadena, L.A. and NY online... This means my card's been stolen. The automatic system decided it didn't like my purchase path for the day. Three, that's right kids. THREE purchases. one at a store, two online. And the two online purchases totalled less than $30. That kicked the system.

BUT WAIT! When your card is automatically marked as POSSIBLY stolen. They notify you. Within MAYBE 24 HOURS.

I learn all this on the phone. ON the upside, the KFC told me I could just take the food for free. But by this point, I was hell bent on paying for it. I think they made the offer to get the scary, scraggly looking guy with the wild hair (the hell) out of their shop.

It is now 20 minutes into my escapade. I am on the phone and a bleary jnanacandra walks in to find me in the restaurant (the only customer) the food on the counter in a bag, and me angrily barking on the phone at some poor operator who had to fix what the bank computers did.

I communicated (while on the phone) what had happened with the card being locked to SJ. They unlocked the card and we left.

20 minutes later and $10 in food for free. Well free, if you don't count that shred of pride like the guy in the commercial having the waiter walk up and say, "Your card has been (echo) declined...."

Monday, when the real wage drones are at the bank, I intend to call back and start with, "It's a damned good thing I carry a cell phone and could call you people..."

If you're going to turn my card off to protect me, "F*#&ING WARN ME!"

Yeah, thanks for looking out for my best interests. Pbbbbt

Oh are they gonna get an earful from the Angry Aries.

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Been there, done that. Except that I was at an actual sit-down restaurant (The Rainforest Cafe). I was so pissed. When I called them, they said, "Well, you don't really use your debit card much and a lot of money just came into your account and went right back out again." My answer? "I'm a fucking college student, what do you fucking think happens every fucking quarter. I'm standing in a restaurant, needing to pay my bill...give me my fucking access back to MY fucking money!" "Oh...okay." "Oh yeah, and DON'T EVER do this to me again!"

Oooh...I was furious.

*hug* happened to nolemmming and I on a drive to Nebraska. gas 4 times in one day...triggered it

"¡We Speak English!"
LOL Hilarious!

I think that most fast food places in LA should promintely display that. The biggest annoyance I have is when an order is wrong due to a language barrier.
Give that bank some serious hell. I've noticed that many of the thing that banks do lately to 'protect' their customers ends up being nothing more than a hassle. Glad you guys are back. hope H gets to feeling better soon.

Oy. Your bank owes you a serious apology.

Out of curiosity, why do you use a debit card instead of a credit card? I've always been nervous about that, because in the event of fraud the money is already gone. With a credit card, at least, when I get the bill I can dispute the charge before having to pay it, and in the mean time I still have my money. Worst-case scenario, if they freeze my card while it's happening, is that I can then switch over to debit or cash (or a different credit card).

I've never used a debit card for anything and don't even have one. I carry enough cash for places that require it and use credit for everything else.

OTOH...mmm, KFC....

Mmmmmm, FREE KFC.....

I wish I could get them to give me free KFC. It's too expensive for me to buy. Well, at least until SYMC stock gets its head out of its arse.

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