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Andrei in the office


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Mayahp not the best quote of the evening.

About 20 minutes after returning to the hotel room which I found warm I removed my shirt. I then said,

"Yay, I am less hot."

Realizing that I had made this statement after removing my shirt, I voiced that maybe this was not the best way to phrase this sentiment.

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what a thing to say on your honeymoon. Good thing you have the shimmeringjemmy with ya ... LOL! I am sure she thinks otherwise ;-)

Hey it could have been worse.. imagine if I said that to Ananael?!? I would have not heard the end of it. I would have had to retort, then she then I, then she would hit me, I would hit her, she would claw me and I her then she would get even more agressive and being an honorable guy I would have to submit for a minute.. then when her Sag fired cooled.. I would have to retort and she would hit.

It could have been worse, lol..

Wait, what's wrong with that? It sounds like fun.

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