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Andrei in the office


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Poker Tourney

So, we played our first poker tourney. I'll post the grand details later to my Poker filter.

The short side of it. $25 to play. $3 for a couple extra chips. It was a combination of limit and then no-limit.

There were 100 players. I survived to the final 2 tables. And went out in 21st. (There were 11 each at the final table)

Edit: oh, yeah... jnanacandra did okay, too. ;)

More later.

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On a note... I loved Blue Man Group! I hope you'll enjoy it too. The second time I saw them I was in what must have been the "old fogies" section because the energy in my section of the audience was just dead. Ya gotta get into the flow of it all.. Cheering and clapping and being a part of the experience IS part of what makes seeing Blue Man the experience.

And whatever you do... Don't be late!!! Just don't!! ;)

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