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Okay, one more post before I wake the Jemmy

People have really been doing a good job with Guessing on the 15 facts meme that I posted over the weekend.

I have been posting scores whenever I see someone has made a guess. Some people (though I'd never name names, would I mrlogic?) have been able to play Mastermind. Trying to eliminate over a few guesses.

I will post the answers Sometime between Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon.

For now, some general hints I've given.
  • Be wary of multiple facts on multiple lines
  • Extraordinary facts do not necessitate falsity
  • I can be a rat bastard with how I word things
  • Everything I said may be used to help a truth or a falsity
  • It's just a game... have fun

Okay.. now it's time to wake the H.

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