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Another 3am post

It was the worst of weeks, it was the best of weeks....

Note: This is one of the few relaxing breathers I've had in about 30 days. This is why my postings have been 'for s*&^'
This has been the craziest week of my life...everything that could go wrong did. But instead of getting to play a do over card... good stuff happened; so I can't throw this week out.

I'm now making it public that I will (for the 3rd time in 12 months) be moving again. For financial reasons I'm moving from a one bedroom into a two bedroom and taking on a house mate. He's a wonderful initiate in my order and this will help me lower my outlay for cash. Unfortunately, the complex is rushing me thru the process and being incredibly unhelpful about it. They got me the keys Wednesday and expect me to be in on Sunday. Like the freaky Mazda kid says, "Zoom zoom."

So for once I'm up at this hour for some reason other than a "fight club" like bout of insomnia.

And then there is the phone situation. As some have heard, I'm currently having a disagreement with PacBell. Me and bills...what a surprise. So I've been using a pre-pay phone acct. (As I've not fully restored my credit to warrant a regular acct) Unfortunately, due to the HELL schedule I've been keeping (and I mean hell. We're talking about 6 or 7 days a week 10-12 hrs a day) I'm expensing cabs to and from work (as I no longer drive to work...bus is cheaper).

So, as a result of my Hell schedule I've been either programming/debugging or in meetings. I have a stack of pending phone messages I haven't listened to and I'm certain something on their is going to bite me on the ass for not responding sooner. (Fortunately, none of it is work; and it's not bills; so I think whatever it is can wait; due to the situation)

And speaking of Hell schedules. I've probably been making Ari's life miserable. We've had about 2-3 minutes at a pinch to spend together online or in the moments that I can snip a phone call between meetings. I'm really crazy about her. She got me flowers for V-day... I was unbelievably surprised.

Now, the reason the phone hasn't been recharged is that whole expensing cabs thing. I take a cab, pay, keep the receipt...and work pays me back about a week after I send it in. Unfortunately, dumbf*&k Andrei forgot to add this expense to his budget. So while I wait for the $271 to be reembursed to me, I'm under by $271. Stupid me. But in the last 9 pay periods I've stayed in the black without missing bills 7 times. So things are definitely improving.

Back to the good side. Personally, today, I vanquished all of my remaining bugs. I can't speak for anyone else on the team (because I'd be severely violating my NDA) but I can in an (ahem) unrelated note state that Symantec announced that they will be releasing the full suite of Norton Products for Mac OS X in March at some time. And a news report in states that one of the applications 'FileSaver' is the first fully native (Cocoa) app in the Mac Norton line.

That's cool. Over in my company I'm like one of the only Cocoa developers. And if it were my app they were talking about... :-D

The big down for the day....
On the way out of the office, one of the hinges on my Titanium broke entirely. The monitor lifted away from the unit and two really, really, really small wires were left dangling as if to say, "Don't laugh; it's paid for."

I got out of the office at about 7:30 pm. I didn't get home until about 10. This means that Ari got to sleep and I couldn't even IM her.

More ups and downs forthcoming.

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