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The Vegas Report, Day 2

Sunday was our first full day in Vegas. We had a surprisingly good breakfast at the Luxor's cheap food court. I think it's called Nathans. They serve sandwiches and the like.

At about 11:00 we actually split up. H' went off to play some more slots. (She did not do as well as Saturday :) I went to a craps table that was offering lessons. If you're ever staying at a casino and are curious how a game works, find out if they have a lesson table. Basically, once a day a pit boss will come over to a table and spend about half an hour explaining everything about a game. Then they will open a low bet table and take things slowly. I played the able for about 15 minutes and went up about 10%.

We actually didn't really gamble alot today. After the slots/craps experience, we picked up lunch at the Luxor Deli and went to the sports book to watch the Colts/Patriots game. We were apparently sitting on the Patriots' side. H let her Boston side kick in and enjoyed clapping for the Pats. There was maybe one Colts fan in the room. The interesting thing about watching a football game in a casino sports-book is the realization that just about everyone in the room has a financial stake in the game. We made it through about the first half of the game and then our midnight arrival the previous night kicked in. We went back to the room and crashed for a few hours.

Now, the downside of the Luxor is that the hotel has a Pepsi exclusivity contract. (I have hated ECs and especially Pepsi ECs since college) Ever restaurant, bar, sundry shop, and the ilk... It's Pepsi Products and that is all. This means no Red Bull, no Coke, no 3rd party drinks not owned by Pepsi. Sigh.

On to the evening.

8:30 tickets at Paris to see "We Will Rock You". Surprise #2 for H. I managed to snag 2nd row tickets in the center. This theatrical musical is a futuristic, Orwellian look at a corporate controlled world, where Rock has been outlawed and the only music that exists is controlled by GlobalSoft. The show is written by Ben Elton and features the Music of Queen. Oh, yes. It's a Vegas Show. This alone could make anyone enter with trepidation.

We had a killer Sushi dinner at the Paris' "Ah Sin" pan-Asian restaurant. I mean with a name like that, we had to. It was pricey, but some of the freshest stuff I'd had in a long time. Service was 10 out of 10. Played some slots, lost some slots. then it was off to the theatre. Yay.... Theatre, not Cinema.

This is a fantastic and very tight musical. Stunning set work and excellent use of digital video combine to create a compelling environment. The 'special effects' that you might expect in a Vegas Musical are actually kept to a minimum. The show is incredibly engaging, the characters are incredibly likable and the show villain, "Killer Queen" will make even the biggest Cruella DeVille fan melt.

I really, really like Queen. H makes me look like a rank amateur. We both left the show utterly spent. H was absolutely toast. I made the mistake of wearing a suit jacket for the show. It felt at time more like a rock concert (though it was absolutely a musical). If you go... go more casually. You will want to cheer and scream :)

We walked back after the show up the strip. We hit a Walgreens. Yay! Re Bull for H and Diet Coke for me. We do have that refrigerator in the room if you remember ;) A quick cab ride back to the hotel and to the room.

I'd thought I might play poker when we got back. (Still haven't). H jumped into the jacuzzi and I sat on the bed to catch up on mail stuff. Bed... sit... bad idea. Well, there's always today.

Plans on tap.. I'm gonna play poker "comma damn it". :) Tonight's show... 10pm: Blue Man Group!!! WHOOOO. Granted, due to Blue Man Group's popularity. We have nose bleed seats. The H is still asleep, I'm going to attempt to do something about that. :)

I do have the SK on me. I may or may not respond as it depends entirely on what we are doing.


*kiss kiss*

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kiss a hooker for me.

You know... Last night.

You asked me to give a kiss to H. Now it's a Hooker.

I was more than happy to fulfill yesterday's request. But at the rate we're going, I'm not sure I will be able to keep up with your downward spiral of requests ;)

Re: You know... Last night.

I am trusting you... do you best after all I am living vicariously here.

where are you planning to go for poker?
I've played at both Mirage and Excalibur. I liked Excalibur's game better, but Mirage's room was better because it was non-smoking.
I look forward to seeing what you think!

Also, Blue Man Group was cool. When we went a few years ago, we were in the poncho section. Heh.

from our poker reports today.

The Luxor room (which H pointed out to me was non-smoking) was very kind to us ;)

Have you tried your and at blackjack? I find that I have the best luck playing that. Moreover, if you hit a blackjack table during the daytime the dealers tend to be a bit more helpful. There are also classes availible at most casinos.

I started on Blackjack.

But luck based games really don't appeal as much anymore. I realize there is 'some' skill, but in general.. it's really just another, play and pray game.

Go to the pan-Asian restaurant in the Luxor and Aureole in Mandalay Bay.

Trust me.

We are planning on the Luxor's tonight...

Thanks for the recommendation!

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