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Vegas baby! Yeah!

Wait, Live journal was down?

Yesterday was a nice relaxing day. Or then again maybe NOT! Well it started out relaxing. We slept in. When we woke up I did some more genealogy on our family.

I love genealogy. It's a hobby that not many people know I do. I've been researching my family for a few years. Now granted, as a Russian Jew, my family's history consists of the following statement.

Oh we go back about 3-4 generations and then we're from the old country... Brooklyn. Before that my family came in from the Galician region. Galicia is an area that sat between Romania, the Ukraine and Poland. What this translates to is that my family history consists of:
Go back 3 generations. Stop off in Brooklyn. Rent "Fiddler on the Roof". Watch it on the plane trip to Europe. Because the movie is the most you're gonna find.

Then there's jnanacandra. She is as Western European as they come. I have about 600 names in my history database so far. About 550 are her ancestors and relatives. Recently, I traced her lineage back to about 600 AD in Norway.

I did a little cleaning around the house and got some stuph together for our trip. H went out drop the keys with our awesome house-sitter, ethernight. So, she's the one to contact for the killer party she's planning in our house while we are away ;)

The it was game time.

I may not live in Pgh anymore, but I've become a huge Steelers fan over the past few years. Much like Darth Vader, I've managed to turn H over to the Dark Side. She's started the season as truly ambivalent. I will now confess that she scolded me when I forgot to tell her when commercials ended during the game.

As for the game... Wow. Nothing short of wow. Not the Steelers' best game by far. If we wanted to see our Rookie QB actually act like a rookie; that was our chance. Igg. I guess some higher power must prefer Primanti's. Hopefully, this will knock some reality in him and he'll ramp up for this game. As posted elsewhere by ts4z: MVP of the Pittsburgh Steelers: the field goals at Heinz Field, which actively repel footballs kicked by visiting kickers.. Today, we're gonna watch the game in the Casino...

After the game, we got in the car and headed North East. As we head for our Honeymoon in Las Vegas!!!!

We got on the road about 6pm. Which was good because just traveling down the 35 miles on route I-10 took us an hour. We only made quick restroom stops along the way swapping out in Barstow and in Primm. Thanks to H's holiday gift to us, I got to enjoy music by DaVinci's Notebook.

Once we got onto I-15 the trip went fairly quickly. We checked into the Luxor and headed to my first surprise for H. A small executive suite with jacuzzi in the room ;)

I loaded up the in-room internet... So. yes... occasional connectivity. But not a lot if H has her way ;) I discovered that the new dual G5 we ordered that is shipping in February has actually now shipped early. I made a frantic call to fedEx to guarantee that they wouldn't deliver it tomorrow while I was away and hold it at the station until I return to pick it up.

We headed down to the casino. Changed our player cards to our new married names and combined our accounts. Note my surprise when I found the name of an ex on my account. And not the name I really wanted to ever see again. (This was the recent ex that forced me off LJ for 9 months) She has since been PURGED!

I put some cash in a video poker game that slowly evaporated. H on the other hand put $40 into a video slot machine and walked away with just under $300. So... lady luck likes the lady so far ;)

The room is really nice. It's in the pyramid itself. It has a little reading nook-room to the side. A nice full bathroom. They brought us a refrigerator. A lovely view of the snow covered mountatins and the Luxor pool. And of course... the jacuzzi.

After I finish this post, we're going to head down to have a light brunch. I'm going to go to a craps class and we're gonna watch the Patriots/Colts game in the sportsbook. Tonight's show... Queen's 'We Will Rock You' at the Paris.

I'll have sidekick on.. But... may not respond often :)



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Geneaology is indeed interesting. I was born in Pennsylvania. Various haphazard research has, over the years, turned up interesting clues to where we come from. The Palatine Immigration - http://www.searchforancestors.com/passengerlists/history.html - explains a lot.

My Rams got beat like red headed step children... :(


Have fun, and good luck at the gambling tables.

Enjoy your honeymoon, sweethearts! It sounds lovely.

If you were in Vegas, you should have come by to say hello!

I am sorry I entirely missed this comment

We are in Vegas thru at least Friday afternoon, maybe Saturday morning.

If you have IM, message me at AIM or Yahoo MSG on my profile. If not, use the text messaging link on my profile and send me a cell # or the like. I am on this evening for at least another 30-45 minutes as of this posting.

If you run out of families to research...i'll offer mine :). have a lovely trip ...;)

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