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Memetime: 15 facts

I know I'm all about the who crediting where you find something. And I know I still need to respond to a comment by bride about that :)

But here it is... 15 facts. Or more properly 10 facts and 5 not facts.

Comments are invisible and will be (as the president might put it) visibilified after I return from my trip. So feel free to guess.

Here's the list...

  1. I put my fist thru dobuble plate metal wired safety glass with no martial arts training. And was vitually uninjured.

  2. I failed every class except one in 7th grade and was not held back.

  3. I have given a telekinetic display.

  4. My IQ has been tested at over 190.

  5. I was in my high school marching band and never played an instrument.

  6. I took part in a mass eggnapping incident against a High School sociology class.

  7. I have gotten visibly sick on stage during a performance.

  8. I have been inside Mr. Rogers Neighborhood house.

  9. I applied to Apple Computers at the age of 11.

  10. I joined a social fraternity in college.

  11. I ran out into the street seeing and into the path of an oncoming car for effect.

  12. I've had sex with a pregnant woman.

  13. One summer I was an exchange student and travelled to Belgium, Holland, France, and Germany

  14. I crashed Carnegie Mellon's Andrew system.

  15. I am an ordained priest and not by the Universal Life Church.

EDIT: A hint. I have been to Holland that much is true. I corrected the spelling so you wouldn't think Holand was a lie.

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