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Andrei in the office


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hee hee hee

Sayeth the jnanacandra only 47 minutes into watching the MacWorld Keynote with me (just after the new iPhoto)

"I have drunk the kool-aid and it is good."


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I love, love, love my iPod. And I'm likely buying an iPod shuffle when they show up in the closest apple store. But until the SERIOUS lag between PC and Mac game publication is reduced or eliminated, I won't consider a Mac. For example, Sims2 (my current game of choice) was released 09/17/04 on the PC, with the first expansion pack slated for 03/01/05. The best info I can find out for Sims2 on the Mac is "sometime in May 2005". Um, NO. I'm not really interested in who is responsible for that (publisher, Apple, seagulls), as the result is what matters.

That and I like mucking about in my computer's guts every so often. :)

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