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The short form... as I am bushed... HELP ME DO MAGICK ;)

The interview went very well today. I will go into length about it tomorrow. (Ironically, from my office)

There is a possibility they may decide in the next day or so. Our of 12 applicants I am one of 5 that was called in. The first 3 were called in before the new year and have been reduced to 1. Two of us since new years. They may boil us down to two tomorrow. Or they may just pick one.

So... everyone send positive happy ritual thoughts that they pick me. Burn incense, pray to your favourite deity, or just work yourself into an ecstatic frenzy of sexual energy. But make them think, "Hey, you know... Andrei really was the best of the lot. Let's go with him"

I'm already doing some talismanic work... which I will explain when it's all over :)

Thanks to everyone who IM'ed or commented. Fingers xed. It's getting close.

Bed time.

Edit: 06-01-03 This was posted friends only as it involved job interviews

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