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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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If you really know me you'll understand: DADDY WANT!

Oh my dear gods in all the heavens and all the hells.

Oh.. wow


One working. Yes, WORKING. Audrey 2 animatronic plant.


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Feed me Seymour. Feed me now. Feed me blood.

Must be a leftover from (most likely) a stage production of LSoH. Cool! Wouldn't that be need to put by the front door (especially at Halloween), with a speaker, so that when folks came to the door, it said "Feed me. Feed me blood. Feed me fresh blood.". Leave a packet of razors by the door, and see who is gullible enough. (Then sell them a real Audry II).

I know, *sometimes* I'm weird. :-)

Opening bid: $1.00
Bid as of 1/2/05 7:30 EST: $880.00


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