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Andrei in the office


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Why do I even bother ?

So, after getting the creeping crud back around x-mas and spending 2 weeks on everything from anti-biotics and cortiosteroids... I am finally off the meds. And just in time. Because today, I got sick again. I doubt it's the same yich as the last yich... but it's definitely more yich.

Nose stuffed, coughing, body aches, chills, muscle spasms. Oh yeah... FUN FUN FUN.
Note: My mood is actually up through all this.

So... this holiday season, Andrei hasn't really been altogether useful :) Well, that's not exactly true.

Tuesday I taught a symbollism class in the order for the recent set of third degree inits that I performed. I should have known that I was getting sick because my sleep schedule went to hell after that.

Wednesday, I went on an organizing binge. File folders and everything. Putting all paperwork that exists into its place. I think I scared H. I've also finally gotten half of my list of Amazon victims. Several people on my Amazon friends list now have items enroute to them. I will do more possibly tomorrow.

Thursday was the day of the dying server. Like Mary Charleston in Peter's Friends I have had to make saving throws to prevent calling to see how my sick computer is doing.

I started yesterday by playnig an online poker sit-and-go. 10 players, 6 bucks. 2nd place gets to play again for free, first place gets a ticket to a $50 tourney. On the first hand 5 players put all their chips in and one moron won with a flush by playing 2 low disconnected spades.. So now there are 6 people at the table, 5 with 1500 and 1 with this mountain of 7500 chips. Fortunately, he really sucked as a player. I had 2 successful all ins against him and wound up knocking him out and being chip leader until heads up. Unfortunately, I'm still not that great and the other players agression got the better of me. I have a free chance to try again. But, I was pleased that I played a really solid game against a very big adversary.

Yesterday we finally planned out one of the Honeymoons. I say one of, because I want to do something incredibly over the top and exotic. I also want to take a trip to Vegas, but for some reason Vegas doesn't feel 'honeymooney' to me. Now, that's not to say that we don't have one hell of an awesome trip planned. We are gonna have a really neeefty time. But I'm still contemplating where in the world I want to take my favourite Carmen Sandiego.

After all the trip planning we headed off to elqahar's place for a wonderful xmas shindig. Lessee... jnanacandra, robynne,duir333,magdalena_lvx,frater_pfdv,phosteres and many others.

So the sleep schedule is just shot to hell. Got to bed at about 1:30am. Woke up around 5:30am, And no, couldn't get back to sleep no matter how hard I tried. I think jnanacandra may be stealing the extrasleep. So.. got up... Watched the Rose Parade from the minimum safe distance from Pasadena. (Home on TV). And pretty well frittered the ay away.

Oh, I played NeverwinterNights today. Who knew that a city on the verge of the black death could be so complex. Everyone has a mission for you and navigation is not completely easy. I have a problem as a Wizard of dying rapily in fights because I just can't get the spells to fire off fast enough. It's gonna be a while before I embarass myself online.

Just took my temperature. I'm one of those resessive tongue people who never reads higher than about 97 . If I read 98.6, I'm probably sick. I'm currently reading 100. So... H has just thrown a blanket over me to keep me warm. I will not, I repeat NOT be using tydestra's home flu remedy.

I've worked on two projects today. One is fixing Safari. My default web browser has been 'broken' for a while. By broken I mean that it would load slowly, not load some pages, and on occassion go into the SPOD (Spinning pinwheel of Death). Now, I'm not at liberty to explain what I did to my browser in the first place that would make it act like some pre-release beta... but ... well. You get the idea.

So, I kinda did a data transfusion from H's iBook. Replacing the 'newer' files with old ones. It works all happy and nice now.

Number two is my ongoing study of SQL and PHP. I'm building a 5-6 table SQL database to analyze LJ comments. I know what I want to do and the kind of data I want out. I just have no clue how to go about it. So... Roll up the sleeves and fly by the seat of the pants. This project is of course tempered by my heath which makes it nearly impossible to focus.

So.. that's the week in review. Tomorrow is Mass. And very VERY cool. tygeressdenacht will be deaconing for the first time. ROCK ON! My next mass isn't until February. I will be doing my first local set of baptisms and confirmations. (I've done them in Arizona, but not at home)... I've also made offer to help get a new priestess ready for that mass. I hope she will accept my offer. *wink wink*

jnanacandra has just brought me a biiiiig glass of OJ. I am so happy :) She's awesome!!!!

More schtuff soon. If your on AIM and see me... feel free to ping. Misery loves Imsgs.

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Hope you feel better! If you have tried to IM me lately, I haven't been ignoring you intentionally. My IM client doesn't like my firewall, or something in the IM networks is well shagged. Either way, I heard that you guys will be at Arisia :) See you there, for sure :)

that you use the term shagged. *heh*

As for Arisia... I'm not quite sure where you heard that, because as far as we know, we hadn't planned that. I've never actually made one yet. Maybe.. but unlikely this year. January is already booked to the gills. especially with the Vegas trip.

Re: I love the fact...

I heard it from a mutual friend: crouchback. No doubt we will run into each other one of these years ;) Vegas is supposed to be awesome, so I have no doubt you'll have a great time there :)

Here's something that won't wipe your insides like Windex on glass surfaces, since you just have flu, orange peel tea should do the trick!

Get better soon < 3

sorry to hear you are sick ... again. My norm is 97.1. What the heck is a recessive tongue?

Welcome to genetics 101

One the multitude of genes in the body contains the size and attachement of the "frenulum linguae" This is the piece of the mouth that connects the tongue to the lower jaw. The dominant and common case is a small f.l. that is attached at about the midpoint of the tongue. If you have this then you are capable of rolling your tongue, pointing it, easily blowing bubbles in gum, and making a woman very, VERY happy.

The recessive version is a little larger and attached further forward. Now, people with the recessive may be able to do some of the above, but it's harder and less likely. In severe cases the tongue may not be able to come out further than the lower teeth. It also forms a webbing that makes oral thermometers fairly useless.

On the other hand, the muscle is usually stronger so you can flick the tongue faster with the recessive gene.

Mine is fairly recessive. I can stick my tongue out flatly about 1/8 of an inch. But no pointing and definitely no gum bubbles for me.

Re: Welcome to genetics 101

It's called being tongue tied.. (to most of the world.) I have a very exagerated version of this considering that I can onl.y stick my tongue out to the tip of my lips and when i do the shape my tongue makes is the ever popular description my friends gave it of a "butt tongue" Some days the flap of tissue that holds it to the bottom of the mouth HURTS from overuse and stretching it.

And to think that some children actually get that cut at a very young age.

Somehow I was able to overcompensate and was able to find a way to blow bubbles in bubble gum however there other things that I just can't do. As some people put it I'd make a bad lesbian because of my tongue ;-)

Oh sweet! If you play NWN join us at http://www.hells.org/~rodney/nwn/ . I can assure you you will enjoy it :)



Our lil NWN niche. New, we are gonna schedule gaming and stuff there too.

One of my colleagues from China taught me this for the sniffles, etc., that you're experiencing. Seems to work, too! :-)

Take about an inch of fresh ginger root and slice/julienne it (no need to peel it, just chop the sucker up into strips). Steep ginger in boiling water (like you're making tea) for 10 minutes or so (cover cup with a cloth to prevent its getting cold). Add between 1 t. and 1 T. of brown sugar. Drink up!

It tastes kind of peppery, but it did make a difference when I was having cough/sore throat/head cold-type symptoms. :-)

BTW, sorry I missed your IM the other day. 'Twas down the hall for a tic...

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