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Andrei in the office


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So, you wanna act like a professional server... :(

So, I've started actually using the technology at home for an actual purpose. I started building up not only my own web sites, but helping others administrate and host as well.

As a result, I've also been putting some more money and work into my home system. Well, that was until today.

This morning, my server system went down. And it went down hard. I think besides losing one of the old hard drives inside (happily none of anyone else's important served data), I think the power supply has also gone south. The system started spontaneously powering off within 3 minutes of boot time.

I called tech support who basically tried to get me to manually eject the CD with the power user's tool (read: a paperclip). When this failed, they actually had me remove the DVD/CD and Main Drive assembly. And in the process of doing that, the 'molex' power plug for the main drive unit came apart in my hand.

So.. my sweet server is now off at the shop getting checked. This happened just as I was putting in a redundant backup system. The idea being, if the server were ever to go down.. at least I'd be able to continue to serve on a backup machine :-P

Good idea.. A few hours too late.

So... I have my laptop, and my net... But all the server work I've been doing is currently unavailable. Well, I do have a local copy of apolo.com (minus the last code change)... I theoretically could serve it from my laptop.

So, to make up for the pain and suffering, I've decided to let myself join the herd and bought myself a copy of Neverwinter Nights. Everyone and their brother has been talking about it. (As if I don't have enough online and offline distractions already)

The install came on TWO Cds. I'm really not much of a 'game player'. I'd forgotton how games tend to basically 'take over' the computer. Which was a little annoying as I was recieving AIM messages but couldn't toggle over to respond.

Well. it's the 30th.. So quiet time I guess.

I miss my copmuter. I hope it gets better soon. :(

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Cool - we'll have to play NWN in multiplayer mode. Single player, particularly the original NWN, isn't all that great. But multiplayer is really damn neat.

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