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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Last call for the holiday express

Last week I placed a call out for people's Amazon Wishlists.

Today and tomorrow I will be taking care of some... festive inclinations.

That is all.

ho ho f*#&in ho ;)

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i totally lost mine long ago...

If you have an account with a wishlist on amazon, log into amazon.

You can update and add to your wishlist any time. On you wish list page is a link that says:
"Share my wishlist"

Go there and send yourself the note.
That should have the public link to your wishlist.


ho ho f*#&in ho ;)

Is that Perl?

I posted the link in your older entry, maybe I should've done it here?

Anyways, much thanks :)

Your last entry regarding this as well as a post I made in my own journal :-)

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