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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

Welcome to my surreal Monday

We have a plumbing issue. So this morning I will find myself working from home. I went to the roto-rooter website. We had much luck with them a few months ago when our shower nozzles weren't shutting off.

It's a well designed site with an online scheduling program that often lets you get a plumber out on the same day.

Today, however, there was something I hadn't noticed on the site before. On the web menu bar was the usual, "Company, services, products, employment..." (Who ever thought a plumber would go to the Web site to look at open positions? But then, there it was: "Fun and Games"

That's right. The Roto-Rooter website has a link for Roto-Rooter fun and games. Let me say this one more time: The company that gave massive sewage problems a fun jingle now has a fun-and-games section on their website.

Does this twindle anyone else and the base of the neck as just seeming very wrong. I mean this is my uncanny-valley sensor going of. I've got the voice of Hank Hill in my head saying, "That's just not right."

So, I clicked the link for RR's Fun and Games. I was presented with a page of trivia concerning different names for the 'Necessarium' And how the 'bathroom tissue' equivalent once was a mussel shell. There were additional pages on history and of course Thomas Crapper. But the highlight was the game. Yup. A java applet of "Pipe Dream"

So, how many people are now waiting for an interactive web site for their local bail-bondsman or pawnshop?

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When I first read Roto Rooter "fun and games" my brain was trying to come up with what type of online games could one create with toilets and stopped up drains, lol.

That was ... interesting. It could be addictive.

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