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Welcome to my surreal Monday

We have a plumbing issue. So this morning I will find myself working from home. I went to the roto-rooter website. We had much luck with them a few months ago when our shower nozzles weren't shutting off.

It's a well designed site with an online scheduling program that often lets you get a plumber out on the same day.

Today, however, there was something I hadn't noticed on the site before. On the web menu bar was the usual, "Company, services, products, employment..." (Who ever thought a plumber would go to the Web site to look at open positions? But then, there it was: "Fun and Games"

That's right. The Roto-Rooter website has a link for Roto-Rooter fun and games. Let me say this one more time: The company that gave massive sewage problems a fun jingle now has a fun-and-games section on their website.

Does this twindle anyone else and the base of the neck as just seeming very wrong. I mean this is my uncanny-valley sensor going of. I've got the voice of Hank Hill in my head saying, "That's just not right."

So, I clicked the link for RR's Fun and Games. I was presented with a page of trivia concerning different names for the 'Necessarium' And how the 'bathroom tissue' equivalent once was a mussel shell. There were additional pages on history and of course Thomas Crapper. But the highlight was the game. Yup. A java applet of "Pipe Dream"

So, how many people are now waiting for an interactive web site for their local bail-bondsman or pawnshop?

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