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Late night putz

I keep forgetting when blearily unable to sleep not to log into AIM. Especially AIM's canned chat rooms. This is just a sad example of why the net has gone to hell.

A 2002-02-13 -0800
(00:48:19)lordandrei:So, you didn't actually bother to read my profile, then

Authors note: my AIM profile reads:
Before messaging me, you'd better read:

(00:48:26)godsgift4lady:want 2 trade pics
(00:48:55)lordandrei:Well, try to prove you can actually read and we'll go from there.
(00:52:43)godsgift4lady:ok sorry
(00:52:46)godsgift4lady:whats new
(00:53:10)lordandrei:Work has massively sucked of late. 110 hrs the last two weeks.
(00:53:41)godsgift4lady:i heard that
(00:53:59)godsgift4lady:would u like 2 trade pics with me ?
(00:54:05)lordandrei:tired of chat rooms. A bunch of HNG's trying to top each other.
(00:54:15)godsgift4lady:what nationalty r u
(00:54:52)lordandrei:What nationality am I? I was in the L.A. chatroom. I'm local.
(00:55:19)godsgift4lady:well would u like 2 trade
(00:55:28)lordandrei:Why do you want to trade?
(00:55:41)godsgift4lady:russian but born in chicago IL
(00:55:52)godsgift4lady:just 2 see what u look like
(00:56:11)godsgift4lady:i like 2 see who im taking 2 thats all
(00:56:25)lordandrei:Well, before I share...What do you think I look like.... Just a wild guess.. Anything?
(00:57:03)godsgift4lady:very sexy
(00:57:08)godsgift4lady:im i right
(00:57:26)lordandrei:And you know a sexy woman when you talk to her, yes?
(00:57:46)godsgift4lady:i think so
(00:57:59)lordandrei:Do you have any idea what the word "Lord" means?
(00:58:22)lordandrei:What does it mean?
<godsgift4lady signed off (00:58:28)>

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