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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

I love my Mac

Dual G4 Server. Time to do! It is time for the routine software upgrade. Why do I love it?

Last login: Thu Dec 2 18:50:54 from XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
Welcome to Darwin!
[www:~] lordandr% uptime
14:03 up 21 days, 14:33, 2 users, load averages: 0.51 0.29 0.24
[www:~] lordandr%

Edit: Corrected post update for reboot time.
Edit 2 Because I hate confusing its and it's I changed Time to do it's routine.... to the proper use of it's.

I love my wife ;)

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welcome to the power of unix-based OSes ;)

i had a sudden strange image that i thought i'd share.

SCENE: two guys, sitting in a dark cave of a computer lab. greasy hair, glasses, dorito bags and bottles of Mt. Dew all over the place. a sign in the background says "U Cal Berkeley OS Research Lab", with a smaller one beneath it that says "We put the 'B' in 'BSD'".

[FX: a DOORBELL rings. GEEK 1 looks up from his terminal, then at GEEK 2.]

GEEK 1: See who that is, willya?

GEEK 2: It's probably the soda delivery guy. The fridge is kinda low.

[GEEK 2 walks over to the door and opens it. Outside are standing hundreds of extras, including families, college students, hipster artists types, etc. GEEK 2 stares, blankly, at them for a second. CAMERA cuts back to GEEK 1, still immersed in his terminal.]

GEEK 1: Who is it?

GEEK 2 (off screen): Hundreds of thousands of Apple users.

GEEK 1: What do they want?

[CAMERA cuts back to GEEK 2, standing in the doorway, yelling over his shoulder at GEEK 1.]

GEEK 2: Um, an OS kernel with protected memory and real preemptive multitasking, hundreds of business applications, rock-solid internet server applications, and ridiculous uptime.

[CAMERA cuts back to GEEK 1. He is unfazed; without looking away from the screen, he extends his hand and makes the "come on in" motion.]

[FX: MacOS X logo. "Think different." logo fades in below after a second. After another second, in the same font, fades in "We've got your uptime RIGHT HERE, baby."]

maybe not the longest uptime

but probably the strangest one you'll see today:
$ telnet twenex.org
Connected to twenex.org.
Escape character is '^]'.

 KANKAN, PANDA TOPS-20 Monitor 7.1(21733)-4

USE  and ? for help.

If new, type 'new new' ..

 Job 7 on TTY44  (TCP) 4-Dec-2004 15:02:10
  Last interactive login 2-Dec-2004 11:00:39
  Last non-interactive login Never
 End of LOGIN.CMD.1
 Sat 4-Dec-2004 15:02:15  Up 84:26:54
 3+6 Jobs   Load av   0.01   0.02   0.02

 No operator in attendance

 System is remedial

 Job  Line Program  User              Origin
   7*   44  SYSTAT  SAYLER  
   8    21  HTTPD   NCSA

   1    13  OPR     OPERATOR
   3    14  RESOLV  OPERATOR
   4    15  NETSRV  OPERATOR
   5    16  SMTJFN  OPERATOR
   6    17  MMAILR  OPERATOR

Re: maybe not the longest uptime

Are you running a VAX or something?

The longest uptime I've ever had on a machine was like 9 months... it was a Linux box, of course.

Oh, here's one machine in my house that is functioning as mail server and firewall:

Linux dragosani 2.4.17 #7 Fri Dec 28 13:58:34 EST 2001 i586 GNU/Linux
You have mail.
Last login: Fri Dec 3 10:04:30 2004 from
[bmccoy@dragosani bmccoy]$ uptime
23:33:51 up 136 days, 5:54, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.00
[bmccoy@dragosani bmccoy]$

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