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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

I am soooo ashamed...

If it wasn't bad enough, this season I watched my first almost reality show.

Drawn Together.

This is Comedy Central's animated reality show. And last night's had to be the best to date. I can only say, this... "Bleh" :)

But last night... things got worse... very worse.

Hello. My name is Andrei and I am watching a reality show.

Sherwood Schwartz, he who brought us The Brady Bunch has returned to a classic.

Gilligan's Island not only lives again, but is a reality show.

Welcome to TBS's "The Real Gilligan's Island"

A nationwide search went off to find a skipper & first mate, a millionaire couple, a movie star, *ahem* and the rest. The guidelines were simple, you had to actually be the role and then on top of that, you had to sorta look the part.

They found not one set, but two. And then (and I have no idea why this was a surprise to the folks) the show marooned them on an island. The island (in an unannounced location, much like the Prisoner) has a layout strikingly similar to the original show. Huts were pre fashioned along with some 'coco-technology' innovated from the show.

The two sets in the early games were pitted against their match (professor vs professor) to complete a task, assisted by their team-mates to determine who the real one would be. (The real professor) The show did an excellent job of casting the roles (at least in my opinion for one team). Supermodel Rachel Hunter is the "Ginger" for one of the teams.

The show also touches on such old age old debates as "Ginger vs. Marianne". On the other hand.. it is a reality show. Complete with endurance races and personality squabbles (openly gay character vs. bigot) the show immediately and effectively manipulates the viewer to pick sides and preferences.

Contrived, but a fun throwback. I am so sadly hooked.

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What station? what channel?

Follow the link for "The Real Gilligan's Island" in the post

Yes, that occurred to me after I hit 'post comment'. Duh.

I'm so disappointed. I managed to wean myself off of Survivor, but secretly I still sometimes peek to see who got voted off. I feel dirty too.

I found a couple of new shows that I like. Digging Jack and Bobby, hating Smallville, occasionally enjoying CSI:Miami but only for the morbidly amusing coroner and the new unsure-of-himself kid. I still have an obsession with CSI, the original. Found myself enjoying Scrubs, and usumcasane introduced me to some oddity called Home Movies that was funny, though I can't seem to get into Aqua Teen Hunger Force unless I am in a really fucked up mood. I think that might be it. Oh, and I Tivo Jeff Corwin but rarely watch it. ;)

I LOVE Drawn Together... Fucking Brilliant.

I must say that it is not my first reality show... I also watched Mad Mad House on the Sci Fi Channel. It was amusing.

Bless you for having vetted this show for me. I no longer have any curiousity about it.


I haven't heard the term vetting before.

It's a less frequently used definition in the transitive verb form, meaning:
"2. To subject to thorough examination or evaluation: vet a manuscript."
"• verb (vetted, vetting) make a careful and critical examination of (someone or something, especially of a person prior to employment)."

Think 19th century, interviewing a lady's maid, or something like that. Also used during that period to speak of preparing someone for admission to polite society.


sounds delightfully entertainingly deliciously trashy.

wish it was on here!
well, not really, cuz then I'd have to wish I had a TV here

Donna needs a serious reality check!!!

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