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You know you're a "Grup" (grownup....)

... when even the mundane things in life make you extraordinarily happy.

The safe computed range for cholesterol is a Total Cholesterol to HDL ratio that is under 4.98

Today, my doctor very calmly notified me that my cholesterol was at 5.10. This is marginally high and I need to take steps to correct this.

Personally, I was elated. This confused her.

Then I explained that my birthday present last year was a blood test that said my cholesterol was at 6.64

For those people who've been wondering if I've been taking steps to make my life better, and take better care of me as a person...

By personal behavior modification only (food, diet, exercise)

April 2001: 6.64
Feb 2002: 5.10
Safe: 4.98


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