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No really, I kid you not..."Honor, Friendship, Fisting"

I found this one through Blogdex . For those that haven't come in contact with blogdex, the site ties itself to as many journals as are registered to it. It then lists links that have popped on the most journals.

Today, I have the dubious honour of commenting on the newest off-off Broadway innovation:

"It's Karate, Kid!" The Musical

Featuring 20 ferocious new songs including
  • Wax On! Wax Off!"
  • A' My Name is Ali"
  • We are the Bitchkicks
  • The Way of the Fisting (My personal favourite title)

The description tells us:
...this KID chops through an orgy of drug-fueled excess and sexual perversion to win the gold!

I think this picture really sums up my hopes and opinions about the potential of the musical.

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