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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

OMG: I needed this just before bed

Thanks to a posting from z111

Exercise Guru Richard Simmons unlike you thought you'd ever see him making an appearance (of all places) on "Who's line is it anyway"

I am disturbed. Whether this is in a good way or a bad way remains to be seen.

Edit: Corrected late night typo.

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Drew isn't the only one falling off of a chair...

it crashes NS, IE and Opera for me, but I yanked it through FlashGet -- here's the actual file --


I get nervous when my eyes see the letters "ma..sturb..ed" sitting in the right order in conjuction with a post about Richard Simmons.

And if you watched the video.. there is good reason to be nervous. However, it was a latenight typo only. I have fixed the post... the video however... It is what it is :-O

Oh, no. Omigod.

*wipes away tears*

Great googly-moogly.

Okay, Andrei, I love you... but....

Edit: Corrected late night typo.

Years of overly-conscious coding have driven you utterly insane.

Get slack! It does wonders for my code! (I rely heavily on a photographic memory at the Search function)

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