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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Something I enjoy doing... Money tracking

I've been active of late on a site called:

Where's george lets you track currency as it travels around the country.

At this point I've entered about 40 bills totaling about $300. I've been doing this in earnest for about 2 weeks. Granted... at this point, no one has processed my bills.

Basically, when you find currency you enter it into the database by denomination, series and serial number. Preferably you should mark it in someway that denotes that it's being tracked at www.wheresgeorge,com. (This is not illegal. It is only illegal to deface a bill in such a way that it is rendered in a manner that it can not be used or reissued) Then... send it back into the wilds and wait.

If you're looking for instant gratification on this... don't. This can take weeks, months, or even years depending on where the currency winds up and if the person has the inclination to actually take the bill to the internet when they find the bill. So of course, the more people that play... the more likely it is to get a response.

If you decide to play along and register (free) at the site, tell me.. There is a lineage function to see how many bills have been distributed because of you.

I think it's kinda fun.

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I registered a few years ago. I think one of the bills I entered got a tap, which was pretty exciting, since statistically, the odds are pretty long.

Working in retail I see a suprisingly large number of Where's George bills show up. So they are definitely out there, even if people don't remember/don't care enough to type them in!

I haven't logged in in a while because i wasn't getting any gratification. None of my bills was showing up. Though I did perpetuate a few that I received.

Tee hee. I've entered a few myself. Mostly I forget, and only think about it once I have a bill in my hand that says "www.wheresgeorge.com"

I'm particularly fond of giving George the little cartoon dialog balloon saying "I grew Hemp!" or occasionally "I smoked pot!"

Maybe my singles should start telling people "Do What Thou Wilt!"

If only there was a Crowley bill. Hmmm.... this looks like a job for Photoshop.

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