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Edit 080219 Please note: iocaine and cocaine have different syllables. Deal.

Inspired by a holding post by shadesong

Prepare to die...

Whether spaniard or masked, it is all you can ask, iocaine
When the princess is pinched, you can swallow an inch, iocaine
Drink it down, go to town, resistance.. (to) iocaine

When there's death on the line and the sidekicks will rhyme, iocaine
Take down Fezzik by arm, then Inigo by charm, iocaine
Drink it down, go to town, resistance.. (to) iocaine

Just keep using that word, doesn't mean what you think, iocaine
When you're not a great fool, you'll know which drink to pull, iocaine
To the end, to the death, to the pain, iocane!


No girl scouts were harmed in the making of this filk.
Tags: filk, princess bride

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