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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

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Andrei in the office

From the department of offending everyone...

To paraphrase the good book:

{All} have the right to love as {they} will:--
   "take your fill and will of love as ye will,
  when, where, and with whom ye will."
--AL. I. 51

It's very simple. I believe in womens' rights, mens' rights, gay, lesbian, straight, transgendered, vegisexual, indo-euro-afro-caucasian, necro-podo-pyro-echto-scopticpheliatic....

No colours, no alignement... male, female, both, neither, two, four, six, eight... Who do we appreciate...

It really is black and white...

Love is love.

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</table><a href="http://www.livejournal.com/users/lordandrei/305124.html">Love is love.</a></center>

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(Deleted comment)
Not all of my readers are familiar with Liber Oz... Or the ability to separate Man from One from all.

Fortunately most do get it :)

The Liber Al reference itself does link to a copy of the Book.

I can't add anything to that. Good stuff.

I am not sure I want to know what vegisexual is. I just wish some people could learn that not everyone has the same Kinsey rating for their heart and their bodies. There are a lot of people who may be straight-, gay- or bi-emotional, whose sexual leanings are not the same.

Kudos to people who are both bi-emotional and bisexual! I don't understand why it is OK for straight hearted women to be bisexual without their relationship availability (straight only) ever being questioned, but the moment a lesbian acts bisexual in any way -- [A] it is a very easy ticket to being ostracized by a good portion of the gay community because no matter how much they say "LGBT" *some* L/G's are very biased against B's, and [B] every man suddenly has the idea they have a chance at becoming more than just a f*ck buddy because the lesbian's heart has "changed to bi" or some even think the lesbian has decided to be straight ... as if it were actually a choice. It seems like straight men and lesbians can deal with bi-girls and with straight hearted bisexual girls, but neither can deal with lesbian-hearted bisexual girls. Sorry Mr. Dick, but you can never have my heart. Sorry honey, but I refuse to wholesale say dick is evil just because I can't grok XY hearts. Yes, we are the great threat.

I know exactly who I am. You bet I am very black and white, it just sucks that my lines are so pin-stripy close together that other people think they see grey. There are three really emotionally-annoying things in this world for me [A] women who can't believe that when in a relationship, I am totally committed no matter what I see walking down the street, [B] men who think that because I am bisexual -- their non-attractiveness doesn't negatively affect their chances of getting laid, and [C] never-married 30-40-something men wanting to call, makes plans, or set up house just because one night I thought their parts were a lot of fun to play with. My heart doesn't swing that way.

I think I maybe need to cap off my male f*ck-buddy pool at no one >25 unless they have an open yet terribly happy marriage. I can't deal with 30-40-something puppy dogs, ew! If/when I actually go looking for a man, even if I want him to get dressed and leave me forever 8 hours later, while he's there - this Goddess needs to be worshiped by a king, not by a slave. I like the men that are tickled I wandered their way for some reason, not the men who are falling at my feet just because on some crazy whim the great and splendorous me opened my door to lowly little them. Thelema anyone?

you know my IP, heh ;-) 93 93/93.

Your table blows up my page. :-(

Same here. Please fix it? Thanks!

Can you tell me what your browser is so I can know what went wrong. I only got two complaints.

Can you tell me what your browser is so I can know what went wrong. I only got two complaints.

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