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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

All I will say is... read the reviews.

Amazon.com sells a 4" purple block.

Okay.. I'll say more...

I was very skepitical. I was not the first one, "on the block" so to speak. My neighbor (who mind you, still has my rake, and lawnmower) could not stop talking about his purchase.

Now, by the way he described it, I was expecting something almost in a bright flashing neon purple, rather than the nice cool subdued royal purple, that I think we're all looking for in a Wai Lana product.

Heck, the neighbor evan made it out to sound like it would fit into any corner as snug as one might expect from these state-of-the-art chiselled right angles.

So, I finally went to his place to see it. Well, okay, I went to his place to get my lawn mower... but I figured I'd check out to see if Wai Lana had really turned out the uber-block that he suggested.

Well, let me tell you, I've not merely put an order in for 1, but a whole dozen. Just a short term loan has proven that Wai Lana has done it again with a product that I will not only use, but reuse.

You've heard their motto, it's not just advertising claptrap..

"Colour, shape, and size... We're the first on your block."

Edit: Feel free to log into amazon and vote whether this review was helpful or not :)

Edit 2: I have submitted this to slashdot. I don't think it's newsworthy enough to make it there. But it would make for an absolutely pitiful first slashdot post.

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Admittedly, your review was pretty funny, but the block does have a practical application. It's used in Yoga. ;-)

Is this some kind of funky 21st Century neo-Masonic thing?

I found your review highly useful and have rated it so. I also came REALLY close to creating a "So you'd like to... own a 4" purple foam block" guide, but then I got eaten by a bear. Oh well, c'est la vie.

Here's a picture (external link):

Note that it comes in blue as well...or in natural wood...and in 3" sizes as well as 4".

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