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health, flu, sick

Home from Atlanta

Atlanta was an interesting trip. Unfortunately all the highlights were not work related, which is why I went down there.

Flights: Despite swearing to never fly Delta again, the flights were uneventful. The in-flight movies were "I, Robot" (Eastbound) and "Borne Supremacy" (Westbound)

Delta now in coach has food you buy from a list rather than providing it. Coach really has become a box and a seat belt. I have to admit, on the ride home the seat was snug. Now, I know I could stand to loose some weight, but it's in my stomach. The seat was snug because the sides were pressed up against my hips. And anyone will tell you, from the back... I am not that big.

Atlanta? I got in and pretty much spent the first night in the hotel regaining strength.
No good.
Wednesday? Meetings and... sigh.. an interview. That evening the P.M. wanted to take me around town but I just didn't have the energy. I also got a call from shadesong and wound up meeting her for several hours of very wonderful chat. And as promised I have now read a lot of the Shayara materials.

Slow day. My illness has not really improved much,. I did stop by Atlanta's Museum of Puppetry. That was very cool. I controlled a 5' Praying Mantis. I also controlled an Animatronic goat-man head (Really big picture) saw marionettes created by the man who did the puppet work on Being John Malkovich, practically bumped into Beakman (Zaloom has a production being done in the museum's theatre), and oh yes. Saw a full sized Skesis (Picture of the one I saw).

Muchly fun.

Got in around 11pm, the flight was 15 minutes late getting into Atlanta and 15 minutes late getting into the air. Had a very enjoyable evening at home IM'ing with a dear loved one. Got to play an online game of insinuation tag. . And the jnanacandra-unit rolled in from her silver-screen workout at about 1:15am.

Still sick.. taking the day off to get healthy.


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I am going to Jamacia for my honeymoon in January and the plan is to fly first class... It is only about twice as expensive as the coach tickets, so I figure what the hell, I would rather be comfortable on my honeyoon than crammed in the cattle car seating...

What I want is "coffin service" for airplanes. That is, I want to be stacked in a box just big enough for me to lie down, and perhaps a few inches in front of my face a monitor and earphones. If the airplanes were to stack people in coffins, they could stack them floor to ceiling--and cram even more people onto a plane than they do now.

And I could lie down.

Of course the fear would be that they make the coffins smaller and smaller until you are incapable of moving your arms...

Please, don't speak anymore and give them any ideas...

I recall seeing some documentary on tv showing places in Japan that have overnight bedspace almost exactly as you describe here!

That's exactly where I got the idea. I think it'd be wonderful; we can all lie down rather than be cramped so tight that I can't even move my arms to use my 12" laptop.

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