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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Squee: Atlanta Part I

Well, I'm at LAX basking in the free internet offered by the Continental President's club. I have almost no signal which means it's probably meant to be in the frequent fliers club room and I'm just getting lucky.

I had one of those Airport Breakfast Sandwiches. It really wanted to be a breakfast burrito. Egg, sausage (polish sausage, chopped up), and salsa on an onion roll. Knowing my wondrous stomach... the inevitable should be along momentarily.

I am chatting with fiannaharpar about my impending meeting with the shadesong and are now discussing the concept of WWJD. Which I explained in her case probably meant complimenting 'Song, pulling out a cigarette and chatting about Henry Rollins for an hour.

I am happy because this trip is somewhat of a goal accomplished for me. Engineers are not typically flown anywhere by the office. Sometimes for training. You have to pretty much be a technological lead or principal to get this kind of treatment. And I'm being flown out to talk about my technology work with management and visiting 3rd parties. This to me is a good thing because it shows that I am establishing myself as more than just another engineer.

I also am meeting with one of the Junior Executives in the company to talk about a job at the company I am very interested in. This would be another big long-term goal that I've been working on for about 8 years. Fingers crossed. Any wishes, prayers, goetic workings, enochian calls... are appreciated.

In the mean time, I've brought ritual scripts with me to study. It's a very full quarter for me. Especially with being the priest for our Oasis' Thanksgiving Mass as well as our December 24/25 midnight Mass.

Whoooo Nellie. :)

EDIT: I already miss the Heather.

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Henry Rollins has been in two episodes of Teen Titans. Glee!

Trying to find a ride.

Don't let me forget to show you the picture of jnanacandra dressed as Raven for halloween. :)

Congrats brother! Im glad you DA MAN! :)


We should compare notes on the job stuff. I think we'd both find it educational.

Proud of ya Bro! Be careful and come home to us safe & full of stories, ok? Good luck and do your bestest, I know you will. :)
Can't wait for the Masses, truly!

Big vibes from the Down Under, hon.

*hugs and sushi*

If you're online... drop an AIM, eh :?)

No chat software at work, hon.

Try to catch you this weekend or Thurs (I might have it off)


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