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It's been a while...

It's been a while since I've had a fly-by IM'ing that deserved to be posted.

But... just for fun.. it's that time again.

Today's initials are WUS. WUS stands for witch***us. The *'s are 3 digits. The profile of WUS on yahoo was an 18 year old male who's occupation was school. His nickname is shadow and his location is: "here, there, everywhere"

Finally, WUS' image is a broom in the darkness is with some bluish sparklies around it and a red pentagram on the top of the bristle bundle.

With that in mind... I know I probably shouldn't have... But I think it was one last hurrah...

9:33:07 WUS Hello

9:33:46 AAF hello

9:35:16 WUS wiccan?
9:35:20 WUS lol
9:35:25 WUS random i know!

*Andrei rolls his eyes, looks up at his loving H*
AAF: H***, I just got messaged by a (description). I really shouldn't break him, should I.
H**: You know you want to.
AAF: True

9:36:23 AAF Actually, ceremonial magickian who has a preference towards goetic demon work.


9:36:42 WUS wowsers
9:36:53 WUS do you know japanese? If so wana be best friends?
9:36:56 WUS :)) (laughing emoticon)

*Huh? Um.. yes.... and NO...

9:37:13 AAF Yes, and that doesn't come by request.

9:38:25 WUS Why not? And that was a joke

Why do people think that calling abject stupidity a joke undoes the abject stupidity?
(Must remember to make a post about this, too)

Oh, yeah, like H** wants to get demoted on my list by an 18-year-old blessed-wanna-be

9:39:12 AAF Well, for starters I think my current best friend might not be happy with being displaced.


9:40:18 WUS lol
9:40:21 WUS well bye then

Well that was rediculous and generic

9:40:29 AAF It's been real


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