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So what's next? Destroy their power base.

We have now watched another election come and go. We have watched our nation polarized by vague terminology.

What do we do next. If we believe in the potential for democracy... what do we do?

Very simply... we destroy the walls. (Bless you Pink Floyd) We make every single person reconsider that the wall they have been surrounding is between two uglier walls. Walls that neither side may want to crawl over to take the extreme position.

Well gosh.. how do you do that? People don't want to think, people don't want to put effort in?

Okay.. we do the thinking for the people who don't want to think and then put them to the task of once again taking a side.


Take every hot button issue you can find. The hotter the better. Take issues that you know will incite violence between the fundamentalists of each side.

Now take each issue apart. Dig deeper. Find out what's really at stake. Find a definition of each side that has two sides to it and make sure that each side has a very dark anti-american spin to it. Preferably putting the more anti-american spin on the more extreme side of supporting one side or the other of the original issue. Every issue has a measure of "having your cake and eating it too.", the problem is that each side has swept the downside of their platform under the rug. So, now it's time to show them both sides of their own side and see if they really believe in their side and really believe that is "american" in nature.

You may think.. but no one cares. The truth is... in each side there are people who care about these issues who do have a brain. Some will begin to see past it. And no one like feeling stupid for being left behind. (Well, yes... there's blah... But the real question about blah is to you blah or blah). Maybe we re-polarize... maybe we fracture the two sides. (Divide and conquer)

This is obviously not as easy as it sounds. But then again, most people will be content just accepting things as it stands and watching the same map in 4 more years.

So, I ask you now... right, left, conservative, liberal, libertarian....

What were the issues that people disagreed with this time? Don't try to analyze them... just list everything you can think of. What were the issues that made you pick your side? What were the issues that made others pick their side? What were the issues you gave to argue their issues? What were the issues that they gave that argued with you? What were the issues that you felt got ignored?

Answers people. And to be honest. Here's the real gauge. The future of this country. The chance for change depends entirely on the responses to this.
Don't feel like responding? Apathy lets the false polarization win.
Don't know what the issues are? Naivety lets the false polarization win.
Don't feel your voice can help? Having no voice reduces democracy.
Don't think your issues are wrong? Shortsightedness lets the false polarization win.

So... now that you all felt the need to vote... Do you all still feed the need to have your voices heard? Then don't quit.

As long as there is injustice, whenever a ... baby cries out, wherever a distress signal sounds ..., we'll be there... Never give up... and never surrender.

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