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I voted... What's your excuse?

jnanacandra and I have now both voted. And I solidly stand by my pledge as an American Hero.

Entering the office I have already spoken to one person who has no intention on voting today.
  • The poll center wasn't opened when I left the house
  • I really don't like politics
  • Maybe later, but I don't like long lines.

To which I again point out, there are people voting in countries under gunfire. People who have been denied the right to have any say about their government, let alone to have any say in the direction of the government.

When the final decisions are reached on... er... Next Thursday

That becomes the time to ask yourself... Okay... did my voice have an affect? Will the people in office work towards my will? Will they hold true to what they said they'd do?

Last year there was debate over whether a popular vote undermined the mandate of an electoral vote. The vote came and passed. The question becomes whether the person gets their job done. President, Senator, Assembly Member, Judge, or county clerk.

Politics is not a game to be played 2 months out of every 4 years. There are a stunning percentage of people who scream the loudest for a candidate and then entirely put it away for 3+ years. Most of them don't even know why they are in the party they support. They just are.

Some can quote a media-partisan-spin-buzzward that presses a button with them. Most don't know what that issue really represents.

The percentage of these people sicken me.

Figure out what you care about. Figure out what the issues really are. Debate them. Tear them into the ground until you can decided what it is that you really disagree over with an opposition.

Dare I say it... Become educated.

You've got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know... morons. - Jim, Blazing Saddles

Patriotism is no excuse for stupidity

I voted today? Did/Will you?

Poll #377283 I don't care what you did/would pick:

Did/Will you vote this year?


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