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2002. Is it over yet?

You know... by this time in 2001, I'd lost my job and at a good stage of finding another one.

2002 Was definitely different. Work has been going much smoother. There aren't angry public arguments between executives

So, as I'm again not getting tired until 3 (And I know I'll here from Ar over his ;)

Here's the 2001 Summary so far:

1. Recover from failed trip to see Rose Parade. Skeleton explodes. C of egoa kicks in again. Big add post holiday depression depression
2. Sick..Nauseous; 102.5
3: It was pneumonial But Ari is coming to visit
4: Ari visits :-D ; See Memento ($18)
5: Massive work crunch
7: Start religious studies. Classmate brings over Fight Club. Saw it.....$21
8. Father dies.

Bed time... Hopefully Ari will understand my insomnia.

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