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Halloween 04. Tried and true

So, once again, the time has come to go crazy. ;)

First, the quick look back...
2000 the year of the scary conservative...
2003 the year that Ron Jeremy resurfaced...

And now this year. I went back to a classic.

But first!

Last evening I went to a wonderful, mild halloween gathering hosted by the ever awesome:
shaktiqueen, giaxcomo, and of course i_am_lono
There were people there from last year's. And while I didn't have everyone's LJ, there was a visit from nisaa and stevefava. I also met beetlefuck who was a very fun and interesting person. Who reminded me a touch of Halfrek the vengeance demon. But we already know I'm a geek.

shaktiqueen and i_am_lono have been learning fire dancing with poi (sp?!?) and gave us a demo in the driveway with another friend of theirs who's name I can't quite remember. We watched Van Helsing (and heckled) and Young Frankenstein which jnanacandra had never seen. (Well we made it halfway thru the latter)

As for costuming. I said, I went to an old standard. I decided to see if I could still do a good Gene Simmons. Yes, kids.. I shaved again to do it. So, you have 4 days to catch me in my unhaired appearance.

It wasn't my best Simmons makeup, but I did effectively turn:

Now, if you're curious how that worked... I did a photo by photo of the process. This includes...

(SFX: Woman screaming, announcer heavy echo) The Shaving of an Andrei!

The main link is a series of thumbnails with comments. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger picture.

WARNING: semi-topless photos of an Andrei. You've been warned! :)

Link to the photos:

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