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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Squeeee! Atlanta!

Work has okayed a trip for me to Atlanta.

Nov 9th-Nov 11th

So, is there anyone on my LJ from Atlanta ;?)

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Hmmm, no, no Atlantans here... :)

Warm beverage, right?

Would you like to make plans? I know I owe you at least one in-person conversation.

Re: Warm beverage, right?

Of course, silly!

Send me a message offline to jcrow [at] thelema [dot] nu and I'll give you the # of the local bodymaster.

I'm just going to miss you - I'm going to Atlanta for a conference, but not leaving till the 13th.


... it has been years.

Unfortunately, my dates are hard and fast as I have a major thing back in Cali on the 13th. We need a clearing space of conference travel so we can all keep up.

Heh, yeah. It was a strange coinkidink, tho.

Heh.. I just left Atlanta myself! Got back the other day.. have fun. I have to say I am very happy to be in the Desert once again.. I was drowning in the humidity.

Hotlanta, huh? I have some friends from work going there for a conference on Web Portals, but I am sadly not attending.

Can you get me information on this conference? Thanks.

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