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Looking back at 2001 first.

I said 2001 was going to be my year. I was working for a tech company in San Diego and had pretty much been assured a nice kushy raise after the first.

2001: Within a day. 1-2-1 I was (along with almost 70% of the staff) laid off. The year would be one of the most extraordinary ones I'd go through. Well, by the end of 2001 I was...mostly on my own. I'd ended a six year relationship with someone I cared deeply about and wanted to preserve a friendship with. I'd moved twice. Gotten rid of my cat. Had two failed relationships. And found someone really wonderful who lived about 3000 miles away.

Oh yes, my father got very sick, I finally told my mother to take a flying leap, and my vicious skeletons were all being aired.

Okay... Pennsic was cool. Getting a worshipful look from some 19 year old male at a bardic while I'm being back-rubbed and pawed by three women (who'd been escorting me) was pleasant. Multi-person foot soaking in the bin (myself and 2 of my escorts...)...well, if you know know I was happy. Yes, Pennsic XXX was the Year of Andrei's Harem. And since I left war with 5 out of 6 very happy female friends...I think my vacation went well. Walking with 4 women at once, all on your arms...Mainly because they like being with's a really great feeling!

But then ... WAR Ended. :-(

I was beginning to find my way with the new job. 3000 miles turned into many a phone call. Sadly at this time, I was trying to iron out my budget and finances. Phone went away due to old bills. Then the ability to drive went away. A silly mistake that hurt no one which led to suspension because they mailed my court date to my old address on the first day of Pennsic.

By October I'd finally managed to do something that made me very happy. I went more than 3 paychecks without hitting a feeling of utterly broke 2 days before the next check.

More skeletons. Did an equinox ritual through the 'church'
Also! Finally got on a stage again!!!!!

The local SCA theatre guild did the "Goldwyn plays" "Mistress Laurel Seamchecker Explains it all to you" Another gentleman and I played Hanz and Franz. Okay...that in itself wasn't acting. Well, it was fun; because I know how to play an audience.

For intermission, I organized some improv games. (If you've seen Whose know)
The improv games were received VERY well. And now I have an application in to be the Guild's Artisitc Director. (But that is a 2002 issue

The highlight of 2001 was the karmic exploration of the mathematical theory of the conservation of egoa. I can explain that another time. Let's just say, thanks to LJ I'm talking to someone that I never thought I'd have the privilege to talk to again. Thanks to L for dancing. (Another explanation to come)

So okay.. Maybe 2002 is my year...?

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