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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

English geeks, help!

I have loads of English geeks on my list. Let's see if anyone can help.

I am looking for a $.50 word.

The concept is, "having the bad reputation associated with"

As in "Having the talk with my boyfriend always carries with it the bad impression that we'll end up breaking up.

Shadow comes to mind. But that's not right.

Of course it's Saturday morning on the West coast. Which means no one is actually likely to look at LJ until way after I want to write this philosophical email.

Help! ;)

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I'll take foreboding for 56, Alex. I'm not sure it's the right word, but I find the description confusing. Can we get a part of speech, Alex?

Context... and part of speech

Adjective I think. The conversation is along the lines of...

"Well I see fear as a consuming force that drives me"

"Yes, but if you see fear as internal warning system rather than a controlling force it can be used to your benifit. This then removes the $&%*&$% of fear."

Re: Context... and part of speech


Thank you, Content!

In computer engineering.. When we have an unsolvable problem.. the solution is to try to describe it to someone else.

Inevitably they will ask a question for clarification and in attempting to clarify it, the synaptic paths you can't access will wake up and give you the answer.

After answering your last post, my mind yelled out, "Yeah.. like a harbinger."

Which was the word I was seeking. Your question helped me find an answer. :) :) :)

Re: Context... and part of speech

Good. I love/hate it when a word is right on the tip of my mind but I just can't tip it enough to pour.

Re: Context... and part of speech

Oops, I see my reply was wrong and too late. ;-)

Re: Context... and part of speech

forbode is a perfectly good verb...

Darn, after thinking about this while I was doing dishes...


BTW, Harbinger is not necessarily something bringing bad things. We (here in Greater Crosston) use harbinger as someone who will arrive early at a site and hold space for our group.

M-W comfirms me:

2 a : one that pioneers in or initiates a major change : PRECURSOR

b : one that presages or foreshadows what is to come

sure, it's not a word... but a phrase

"negative connotation"

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