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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

I am an heritic. :(

I've tried. I have really tried. I consider myself to have a very surreal and broken sense of humour.

But, I feel I must admit to it. Invader Zim just isn't doing it for me.

The show has its funny moments. But for some reason it just hasn't latched on with me. I will continue to try a few more episodes. But, I find myself more excited picking out the voice actors. (Last night was the attack of the evil Lice queen and the vicious scientist hunting it who was voiced by Mindy Sterling {Austin Power's Frau Farbbissina})

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Where'd you get that cool gif?

The "Doom" song was the best parts.

Unfortunately it was also one of the only good parts.

I hate it when I can't stand something that all the other geek kids think are cool. Red vs. Blue is to me what Invader Zim is to you.

WHAT! Your inferior human brain cannot absorb the irresistible funniness that is Invader zim!?!?!?!


(But what else could you expect from someone with a set of Grr's RIDE THE PIG! boxer shorts?)

I must not fear... fear is the little puppy

Invader Zim is decent and has it's moments but what sustains is the manic energy of Earthworm Jim, may be worth a spin...

Re: I must not fear... fear is the little puppy

Ah, Earthworm Jim.

"Fear is the mind killer" For some reason I really loved that show and Road Rovers.

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