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Administrivia: What's been going on...

My posting over the last week has been a bit spotty. My primary filter list (the one that LJ calls: friends) has been home for a few more posts that usual.

The recent postings have been invasive, introspective, and psychological for me. And yes... There are responses coming.

Work has presented some interesting things. Right now we're at that dip at the end of a cycle. We've just shipped a major undertaking. It has been fraught with the usual corporate difficulties. We meet today to talk about the feature set for the next version. Yes.. that's all I'm going to say... there will be a feature set.

This is also the time (in the last two companies that I worked for) that sudden layoffs occurred. Now, the impression I get is that our team (albeit mac based) is still strong and growing. But after 2 layoffs in the last 2 companies... You get nervous.

So, there's been a lot of busy, clerical time at the office. At home.. it's been catch-up time with the jnanacandra. After not getting to spend much time with her after the wedding. It's nice to have time to spend with her.

That being said, or more accurately typed... Here's what is coming up...

1) I will be responding to the honesty meme (filtered)
2) I will be adding recent subscribers to the 'friends' filter.
3) I will finally get around to my massive purge. People who think they might be purged and would prefer not to should comment now.

Here is the Filter post again. If you're new or wish to change your filters with me, please go to the post below. Adjust the poll and then comment here telling me that you've recently set answers.

Andrei's Filter Posting

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