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The Magickal Wisdom from the Telly

I was flipping channels and found an old episode of "Coupling." This is a stunningly well written British comedy that is not Friends.

The episode has a monologue from the show's strangest character, Jeff. Jeff has terms for everything in life. They are always phenomenally accurate. They are also the last thing you'd thing to categorize.

In this episode, Jeff explains Celebrity Marriages. And personally, I think the writers didn't realize how sage a monologue could be :)

Jeff's views on Celebrity Marriage...

Well, if you fantasize about someone else during sex and so does your partner and those two people that your fantasizing about happen to meet while you're still doing it. You know, they're bound to sense something, aren't they? Because they're connecting on like a virtual plane. So can you imagine what it was like when Posh first met Beckham? They were the epicenter of a nonstop, nationwide virtual shag. I mean it's no wonder she got pregnant.

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