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Sidekick 2 and other goodness...

Well, this was a good day.

I went in to get some time off approved. I'm out of the office until the 4th of october.

I touched base with members of the team. Got some... software that I can't talk about. :)

Got pulled in on a conference call that I can't talk about. And got approval to offer a class on RSS technology to the employees of the company.

I got home around noon and the box from t-mobile was waiting for me.

My shiny Sidekick 2. It's really pretty. Though, I have to confess. The new keyboard puts the delete key where the original unit's return key was.

The SK2 has a built in camera which provides surprisingly good pictures. Especially in comparison to the old version. jnanacandra and I drove to Dave & Busters for lunch. We didn't really stay to play any games.

Then we took a round about way home and stopped at the L.A. County Arbouritum.

There are a couple of pictures pending, but to give you an example of the SK2 camera and the day... this is a picture I took.

Fun :)

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