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Metapost: You have been warned...

I have been posting a bit more recently. However, I tend to view much of what I've been posting in my journal as 'fluff'

On occasions I have the urge to pull out the soapbox for a while and rant about things that annoy or frustrate me in the world.

I've been working on one such post since about 7:30 am this morning. (I stopped temporarily to make sure I wasn't going to be more than 1 hour late. Since, then I've had meetings.)

Currently I am up to over 1700 words. Which makes it one of my longer ones.

Making these posts is never really easy for me. (Making these posts are never easy? Making a post like this is .... see number 1 below)

First, I realize that my written communication skills are weak. My education focused on oration. Making it sound right. I am pleased that as long as I speak my mind, the only thing (I believe) that my love takes offense at is the fact that it's written badly. Which leads to...

Second, it has taken me many years to come to a point to be able to express something without worrying what other people will think.

Third, and most humourous, is how readers respond. When I say something of length and value I typically get a few comments based on an example of sardonic humour near the end of my post. On the other hand... when I post about the merits of condiments on luncheon meats... I think we're up to 36 comments.

In the mean time it's now 3 pm and I've written nothing new on the long post since 8:45. This is primarily because I've been embroiled in the debate that has prompted the rant that is forthcoming.

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