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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Best evil line in a comedy show this season

I've been watching "Father of the Pride". This is a show done by the folks that made Shrek.

It's a family sit com about what it's like to be a family. Only this is a family of lions where the dad's job is to be part of Sigfried and Roy's Act at the Mirage.

This show has some of the most devious and underhanded humour I have heard in a long time. It gives Whedon a run for it's money.

This week, the elder daughter was being interviewed for admission to a school for gifted and talented..er... lions.

At one point she looks at the interviewer and says:
"Oh, and my senior term paper was on the role lions played in early Christianity."

It took me a moment. Then I had to pause the show while Heather and I had to take about 5 minutes to stop laughing convulsively about what was just said.

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Ha! I hadn't caught that. My wife and I are really liking this show, too. Especially how silly and eccentric Sigfrey and Roy are portrayed.

Trivia bit: The grandfather lion's name, Sarmoti, stands for Sigrey And Roy: Masters Of The Impossible

hmm... pausing the T-vo, sounds like you might have had some nip in there. heh.

I'm amused and I didn't even see it.

Perhaps I should make an attempt to catch an episode of this show cause that just might be one of the greatest lines ever.


That's a good one...and not what I would have expected from that show. You've inspired me to check it out.

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