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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

It's a filtered post...

so some of you won't have access to this.


Excerpt from jnanacandra:
    Last night I took my last birth control pill.

for the humour of it....



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aww :) I'm sure you guys will rock as parents :)

Just keep telling yourself: Its an adventure (and it is, a rewarding one at that, but it is a roller-coaster ride).

Ask Arthur about it... Their spawn is almost 4 months old and he might convince you to never have sex again when their is a chance aof pregnancy...

Just look at it as a great adventure combined with a social engineering experiment! It really is...

Maybe we'll need to reserve for an extra quarter at the tea house ;-)

I can't view the page, but I take it you're trying to have a baby. If you are congrats!!! :) Greg a dad, eeeekkk, jk, you'll be a great dad :)

it could be worse. I mean, you could be trying NOT to have a family. That's when you're ripe for The Big Surprise.

My youngest daughter once told me, "my sister and I were talking, and we agreed that you'd probably never have had a family if it weren't for accidents." I could not disagree. But I think it's cool that you guys want to. Good luck, and if you need me to help out ... kidding, kidding!

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